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Searching machines and links with abusive content

Judgement of OLG Hamburg (Higher Regional Court Hamburg) of 11/03/2009, file number: 7 U 35/07

Searching machines must omit certain sides with abusive contents if the respective cease and desist letter of the affected person is based on specifically complained statements. The merely desire of the affected person to omit such links is not enough.

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"The fastest supplier DSL all over the country!"

Judgement of LG Köln (Regional Court Cologne) of 25/09/2008, file number: 84 O 15/08

The advertisement of a telecommunication supplier, that it offers itself as the fastest DSL connection in the federal territory is unfair according to §§3, 5, 8 UWG (fair trade law), it is misleading for the general consumer.

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A real bargain

Judgement of AG München (Local Court Munich) of 09/05/2008, file number: 223 C 30401/07

The setting up of a sales offer in an Internet platform (here Ebay) is an active binding offer on conclusion of the purchase contract (§§145 and the following BGB – German Civil Code) to the highest bid and precisely not an auction (§156 BGB – German Civil Code). The double setting up of an article is not an obstacle for an effective declaration of intent, since a…

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Blameless liability of ebay account owners

Decision of LG Hamburg (Regional Court Hamburg) of 22/09/2008, file number: 310 O 357/08

The unlicensed use of a photo (§72 UrhG – Copyright Act) on the Internet (here: ebay) is to be understood as a public available-making in terms of §19a UrhG (Copyright Act). An injunctive relief and removal claim of the right holder (§97 I UrhG – Copyright Acts) arises from it. The omission duty applies because of the supposed repetition risk to all still retrievable…

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Abusing of numerous similar treated warning letters

Judgement of LG Bonn (Regional Court Bonn) of 03/01/2008, file number: 12 O 157/07
A small business acts abusive (§8 paragraph 4 UWG – Fair Trade Law) when pursues beyond its core areas numerous parallel legal proceedings as decisive plaintiff, which serve to generate the appearance of an immediate competitor in order to achieve other high incomes and most likely to take an interest in it. To prevent efficiently such an abuse, the decisive plaintiff meets…

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Significant communicative device features for delusive advertisement

Judgement of BGH (Federal Supreme Court) of 11/09/2008, file number: I ZR 58/06

Advertisement is delusive for the consumer when the average consumer is not able to gain essential information from the advertisement. The significant communicative device features shall be considered. In case of television commercials, the consumer should consider audio-, as well as video information. (§5 paragraph 2 clause 1 UWG – Fair Trade Law; article 7 paragraph 1 and 3 of the…

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Welcome to life

Decision of BGH (Federal Supreme Court) of 04/12/2008, file number: I ZR 48/08

a) The registration of goods and services in the index can be limited concerning their content (here: Restriction of the registration of goods and services “picture and sound carrier, printer products, offering and mention stored information on a database” on certain areas).

b) The word result “welcome to life” is for goods and services “picture and sound carrier, printer…

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T-Mobile – XtraPac

Judgement of BGH (Federal Supreme Court) of 05/11/2008, file number: I ZR 5/06

If the sales of a mobile phone are promoted together with a prepaid card including a fix start credit, there is no obligation to state the rates for the use of the card, but the package price regarding the mobile phone and the prepaid card. If the mobile phone is locked with a SIM, the durability of the locking and the expenses in case of a premature connection should be made known.

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Augsburger Puppenkiste (The Augsburg Puppet Theatre)

Judgement of BGH (Federal Supreme Court) of 18/12/2008, file number: I ZR 200/06
The component “Puppenkiste” is in the company sign “Augsburger Puppenkiste” to label the marking of a puppet theatre originally weak sign and, therefore, without distinguishing characteristic to assert itself as a catchword-like advice to the company…

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University library may continue to be supervised with cameras

Judgement of OVG Nordrhein-Westfalen (Higher Administrative Court Nordrhein-Westfalen) of 08/05/2009, file number: 16 A 3375/07

The Westphalian Wilhelms-Universität of Münster may continue to supervise the library of the municipal-scientific institute with video cameras. However, the video pictures may not be in general stored. The 16th senate of the higher administrative court has decided this for the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen in a current judgement and…

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